Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fun and Mental Changes

Fun and Mental Changes is having a blog give-away contest. The good folks at Nantucket Bagg donated this AWESOME lime green and pink "diddy" to one lucky winner here at Fun And Mental Changes!!! WAIT till you see what this thing is!!! Click here to see. You'll see very quickly that you've been missing it all along.  What you see in the picture is a bag. Well no, not a bag, it's an apron. No, not an apron, it's a tool organizer. No, not a tool organizer, it's a wall organizer. No, not a wall organizer, it's a backpack. No wait... it's ALL OF THEM ROLLED INTO ONE!!!! This AMAZING bag is convertible. In the past, I've talked quite a bit about how important convertible storage is to me for my crafting and this baby really speaks to my Chi! HAHAHAHAHA!

Maybe this will allow me to declutter my space and help when I attend classes. Here is a photo of my space.

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FitterTwit said...

WOW.... soooo funny! Thanx for playing along! :)